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Introducing MARG

Music and Audio Research Group or MARG at Seoul National University is a highly interdisciplinary research group that tries to find solutions to a number of intriguing problems in audio/music that still remain unsolved, such as:

  • “How to search/discover songs of my taste from 10’s of millions of tracks online?”
  • “I’d like to extract just a bass guitar part from Thinking Out Loud for my guitar practice.”
  • “I got chills every time I hear a guitar solo from When the Levee Breaks. Why?”
  • “If I could only listen to my favorite songs with a voice of Freddie Mercury or David Bowie…”

With digital audio signal processing and machine learning as two main tools, we have been tackling these problems: the best part is, as we learn more about human’s auditory perception/cognition, the more interesting problems we discover. 

So, if you love music and if you have ever wondered about the above questions and the like, you’re more than welcome to join our group!

What are people doing at MARG?

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In Music App

“How do I explore new music of my taste? I am not interested in what is recommended by my online music service.”
“I don’t remember the title or artist name of the song I listened to the other day. All I remember is the melody line from the chorus part. How can I find it?”

  • Recommender Systems

  • Music Retrieval

When Listening Music

“I want to remove the vocal part only from any recordings for singing practice. Would it be possible?”
“Whenever I listen to ‘Fake Plastic Tree’ by Radiohead, I shed tears. What’s going on inside my brain?”

  • Source Separations

  • Music Perception/Cognition


“I want to play ‘Guitar Hero’ but with my REAL guitar. And I want to choose whatever songs I like from my collection. Can I do it?”
“What if I could play flute without using my mouth? How about with my whole body?”

  • Audio/Music Signal Processing

  • New Interface/Interaction Design


Currently active research projects at MARG

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Cross-modal audio synthesis/transformation using generative adversarial network

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Auto-regressive Generative Adversarial Network for Singing Synthesis and Evaluation

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Development of smart sleep mask using acoustic biomarker and machine learning

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Latest News

‘디지털헬스 해커톤 2018′ 대상 수상

10월 30th, 2018|‘디지털헬스 해커톤 2018′ 대상 수상에 댓글 닫힘

지난 10월 27일(토) ~28일(일), 최형석(석박통합과정)학생이 이끄는 팀이 2018년 삼성융합의과학원에서 주최하는 ‘디지털헬스 해커톤’에서 대상 및 특별상을 수상했다.이

Latest News

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‘디지털헬스 해커톤 2018′ 대상 수상

10월 30th, 2018|‘디지털헬스 해커톤 2018′ 대상 수상에 댓글 닫힘

지난 10월 27일(토) ~28일(일), 최형석(석박통합과정)학생이 이끄는 팀이 2018년 삼성융합의과학원에서 주최하는 ‘디지털헬스 해커톤’에서 대상 및 특별상을 수상했다.이

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